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Mar, 2016

Whiteboard Videos- Why a Hand, Pen, and Creative Imagery can Generate more Business

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One of the coolest tools for creating visual online content in recent years is the “whiteboard” video. You know the type—a hand, a pen, a whiteboard, and some fun drawings that help bolster your online brand and generate a lot of social shares. These “Animated Explainer Videos” have exponentially increased in popularity over the previous year due to their undeniable ability to portray complex ideas and information in an easily understood, and engaging manner. Studies have been conducted that prove these types of videos increase information retention and comprehension by up to 15%, which leads to a similar – if not larger – increase in conversion percentages. And that’s what you’re aiming for with your marketing, right? What makes them so effective?


They’re extremely effective at educating your target market while generating leads and driving sales. Whiteboard videos can take the form of a company overview, product sales pitch, service explanation, special promotion offer, or information explanation. In fact, the most effective videos on the web are usually not advertisements in the strictest sense. Only about 1.2% of all web videos are traditional advertisements. In a world where the user has the ability to skip, fast forward, and mute just about every ‘commercial’ they see – quality content is king.


Whiteboard videos are a unique and visually appealing way to deliver your marketing message and leave a lasting impression. This style combines a satisfying sequence of live-drawings with a creative story that emphasizes the value of your products or services to your target market. Education, engagement, and entertainment are the staples of a whiteboard animation video. Whether used for a company overview, or to explain products/services, the whiteboard video’s relatable storytelling makes even the most complex information easy to understand and retain. Entertaining, educational AND drives leads? Where do we sign up?


That’s where Smart Source comes in. We have major experience with whiteboard videos – in fact, here’s a recent project – and our team is bursting with creativity. We’ve got the drawing skills, video editing ability and marketing know-how to create the perfect animation for your company, whatever the purpose may be. What are you waiting for? Join the crowd and let us lead you to new portions of the marketing world that will blow your business UP. Contact us for a consultation today!