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Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design is simply this–a website design that adjusts automatically to fit perfectly on desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers. Remember viewing  a website on your iPhone and seeing just a very tiny version of what you would see on your desktop, so you zoomed way in, and then moved the website around and enlarged and shrunk it as needed to read text and click on things? That was not a responsive website.  A responsive website provides the user with the optimal browsing experience no matter the device or size – be it a phone, tablet, or desktop.

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The Custom Website Design Process

A professional, modern website is still the most important aspect of a successful web presence today. As the virtual representation of your brand, and primary hub for your future internet marketing efforts, it is critical that your website sets you apart from the crowd while portraying the quality of your organization’s abilities. With that in mind, Smart Source Media works closely with clients to understand their businesses and their needs before we begin the design/development of a website.

Our discovery and planning phase ensures that your website functionality needs and objectives are organized into a cohesive strategy for web development and marketing. We carefully map the development of your website based on those needs, moving forward with your approval at every step of the way.

Once the strategy is clearly defined, the construction of the website can begin. The process of designing and programming can take several weeks, and requires an open line of communication between your team and ours to ensure the website is completed on time, and precisely as imagined. During this process, we may request your guidance to assist us with implementing the correct graphics and generating the best written content.

Smart Source Media Group is not merely a web development company, but an integrated marketing solutions provider. Smart Source’s team – comprised of technical web development geniuses, graphic designers, and marketing experts – is exactly what your business needs to establish its presence on the internet. Our expertise goes beyond web design, allowing us to transform outdated websites into lead generating marketing machines.