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Video Production & Marketing

Promotional videos are an extremely effective method of spreading brand awareness on the internet while generating leads and driving sales. Promo videos can take the form of a company overview, product sales pitch, service explanation, special promotion offer, and everything in-between. In fact, the most effective videos on the web are usually not advertisements in the strictest sense. Only about 1.2% of all web videos viewed from 2011-2012 were traditional advertisements. In a world where the user has the ability to skip, fast forward, and mute just about every ‘commercial’ they see – quality content is king. Web videos are proven to enhance search engine rankings, increase brand recognition, and create highly effective social advertising campaigns.

How It Works

scriptingProvide your own script, or let our professional persuasive copywriters do it for you! During this step, you will also be asked to fill out a carefully constructed questionnaire about your product/service and market.  As with every step in the process, we don’t move on until you give us the OK.

voiceoverAll of our custom videos include a professional voice over for your script!  These experienced voice over talents are as good as it gets when it comes to capturing your audiences attention, conveying your message, and creating excitement. As with every step in the process, we don’t move on until you give us the OK.

storyboardingAfter writing the script and recording the voice over, our brilliant creatives begin video illustration and story boarding. In this phase, you will see animation storyboards (or slides) that will show you how select frames of your video will look. As with every step in the process, we don’t move on until you give us the OK.

productionAfter all of the previous steps have been carefully completed and approved, the final illustration and production begins. Once the project is completed, we hand over our final high definition video clip to you for use anywhere you’d like! Our videos are compatible anywhere on the internet, and can even be used for television (if requested). The whole process usually takes about 2-3 weeks start to finish (assuming prompt approvals).

Custom Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard videos are a unique and visually pleasing way to watch your creative story unfold. In this video style, our experienced artists bring your story to life through time lapse drawings that seamlessly blend with your professional script. Whether you want your video to be entirely black and white, or if you’d like to add a splash of color, Smart source whiteboard animation will mesmerize your audience while delivering your all-important message.

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Browse Our Video Portfolio For More Of Our Work

Browse Our Video Portfolio For More Of Our Work

Custom Animated Cartoon Videos

If a picture says a 1000 words, you better believe that an animated video says a million. Our custom animated videos are a highly entertaining way to tell your story and motivate your audience. This vibrant, colorful video style holds the attention of viewers, encouraging them to digest in the information you want to deliver. Animated videos help spread awareness, generate leads, and drive sales in a fun and captivating format.

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Custom Kinetic Typography Videos

Kinetic typography videos are an engaging and concise way to effectively deliver your message to your audience. Nowadays, people prefer to absorb content visually. In fact, studies show that 20% of web visitors will sit and read the majority of text on a website, but 80% of visitors will sit and watch the same exact content if it is presented to them in video form. If you have something important to say – say it with a kinetic typography video.

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Browse Our Video Portfolio For More Of Our Work