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May, 2014

The Science Behind Whiteboard Video Success

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We haven’t been shy about praising the power of whiteboard animation videos and why you should have one. They are largely responsible for the fact that 73% of US adults are more likely to spend money after watching an explainer video. The source of their power is in their ability to captivate a viewer’s attention, and effortlessly explain even the most complicated concepts. But how do they do it?  Allow me to explain – WITH SCIENCE!


Before you can even hope to educate a viewer, you have to capture and hold their attention. Whiteboard videos achieve this by taking advantage of some natural psychological forces at play in viewers’ minds (I told you there’d be science). As the artwork is slowly revealed to us, it commands our attention and curiosity. As viewers, we simply cannot resist this brain stimulation; it draws us in like tractor beam, and feeds our natural lust for dopamine.


happy-whiteboard2Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure systems. When released, we not only see rewards, but it elicits a response to continue moving towards them. Simply put, it’s the natural chemical our brain releases that makes us feel awesome, but only when something we consider awesome happens.


When it comes to whiteboards, that something is anticipation and reward – a common dopamine trigger. Whiteboards have the uncanny ability to stimulate viewer anticipation by challenging the audience’s subconscious to guess what’s being drawn next. This constant anticipation creates surprise, and rewards the brain with dopamine.


whiteboard-retainSure, that gripping captivation is useful and all, but it’s wasted if the viewer doesn’t actually retain any information by the end of the video. Thankfully, whiteboard videos deliver info in a way that’s designed to be easily absorbed and preserved. It’s called multisensory learning (science), and studies have shown that humans grasp and retain information best through this technique. By combining a stream of visuals with the voiceover, whiteboards reveal information to both senses gradually, igniting your curiosity and allowing you to process the message bit by bit. The result is a deeper level of learning, making the viewer more likely to remember the message, and –more importantly – act on it.


Whiteboard animation is where art meets science, and the results are undeniable. In fact, 96% of all US adults find explainer videos helpful in making purchase decisions. This is because whiteboard animation speaks to the eyes and to the ears. It breaks down barriers to understanding, making even the most complex information easy to comprehend. By exploiting psychological behaviors already ingrained in the recesses of our mind, the whiteboard video is, by virtue, the ultimate tool for educating and entertaining without compromise.


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