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Apr, 2016

The Experience: Network-Control Whiteboard Video

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We come across different companies who are in need of various forms of Internet Marketing. Whether it be Website Design, Email Marketing, Search Engine optimization, or Whiteboard Videos– we want to ensure that the client’s vision is met. When discussing whiteboard videos, we want the client to be 100% certain that they are on board with our creativity and design. Starting with a phone conversation and eventually leading to a finished product with a happy customer, we pride ourselves in delivering a product that will optimize our clients company to the fullest.


Our first interaction with Network-Control started with an interest for our Whiteboard Videos. After a brief introduction was made via email, we wanted to get a better idea as to how they wanted to use their whiteboard video. Mr. Mark Hearn, President and CEO of Network-Control gave me a call and we spoke about how he wanted to use the video as a general explainer for his company that he can show his clientele, partners, and the Network-Control team. I gave him a walk-through on our whiteboard video process, leaving nothing out. After the introduction and speaking with Mark was made (going over pricing, etc.) we were ready to begin the project. I sent Mark over a Script-Brief questionnaire that we send to all of our clients to give us a better idea as to how they would like the video structured when we’re are writing the script. These questions include:

-Who is your Target Audience?

-What separates your company form your competitors?

-Challenges your company has experienced when gaining customers?

Describe the characters in the video (age, gender, work attire)?

These questions act as a reference for us to go back too throughout the project and help us write a script that will meet the clients’ requirements.

After Mark and his team filled out the questionnaire, our team went to work and wrote out a script/suggested animation ideas that would meet the time-limit of his video. Network-Control wanted a two-minute video, which from a script writers perspective needed to make an impact immediately and properly explain all points addressed within the questionnaire. After this was written down, we sent it over to Network-Control for feedback and approval. Mark and his team had made minor suggestions to the script that we would change and send over again. Once this was approved we were ready to get to the fun part and create the vision. Our team of artists created a scene-by-scene storyboard that paralleled with the script. We sent this over to Mark and his team once again to await their feedback/approval. To no surprise we got it right the first time and we were ready to produce the video. The client does receive unlimited revisions throughout the storyboard/pre-production process. If there is something they would like to be changed (color, removal of objects, adding of a character) we do so until it meets their needs. As we are producing the video I sent over a list of voiceovers and background music for Network-Control to choose from. After these are selected we record the voiceover into the video scene-by-scene and fit the background music in as well.

Finished Product

We now have a finished product! Once done, we sent the video over to Mark and his team where they can download and use at their own discretion. After a couple of days I followed-up with Mark to ask him how he enjoyed the video. He said that he really enjoyed it and took it with him to show the rest of his team at a conference he attended in Iowa, having a positive impact on everyone.

In the end, it was a pleasure working with Mark to help create a video that his company can use for a very long time. Here is the video we had done for Network-Control- 2 minutes + color+ voiceover +background music +script writing.

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