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What Is Site Retargeting?

Site retargeting is an innovative marketing strategy that gives your brand the opportunity to continue to market to lost web prospects long after they have left your website. With our technology, Site Retargeting allows us to “cookie” visitors who have been to your website, and continue showing them ‘banner’ or ‘display’ advertisements relating to your brand while they browse other websites within the Google Display Network.

The Bottom Line

Site retargeting is a powerful branding tool that’s proven to correct some of the contributing factors that lead to lower conversion rates. Consistent, non-invasive banner advertisements related to your company help establish your brand’s credibility in the eyes of prospects who have previously visited your website. Marketing to these qualified users serves as a friendly reminder about your company, ensuring that your brand remains relevant as they continue browsing the web. Continued exposure to your brand encourages them to revisit your site, and perhaps complete a call to action they weren’t ready for earlier- whether it’s filling out a contact form or finalizing a purchase. Add Site Retargeting to your Internet Marketing Strategy today.