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Jan, 2014

PPC For Small Businesses

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So the time has come to establish an online presence for your small business. You have recognized the importance of internet marketing, but now what? Driving traffic to your website with internet marketing may seem intimidating and even overwhelming at first. I totally understand; after all, the internet seems like the size of an infinite galaxy that is compiled with an unfathomable amount of information. So what in the world wide web can you do to make your small business stand out?


growthOne approach is using pay per click advertising. PPC is a very popular method of driving traffic to your website. When executed correctly, PPC can do wonders for a small business looking to make an immediate impact with their advertising campaign. With pay per click, you can quickly and easily place ads for your website in the search results for targeted keywords related to your business. Once you have done your keyword research, you can launch your ads in as little as fifteen minutes.


But slow down; selecting the right keywords is crucial for a successful PPC campaign. Since you are paying for each click, you want to make sure you’re targeting keywords with the appropriate amount of specificity to drive qualified buyers to your site. Choosing the right keywords for a small business can be a challenge. In some regards, small businesses just can’t hang with the big boys. Large corporations have what seems like an endless flow of cash to support their marketing budget, so trying to compete with them over very broad or general keywords may not be worth the effort. For example, if your small business sells fancy chocolate and candy, it would be extremely difficult to compete using generic keywords like “chocolate bars” or “jelly beans.” But fear not! Small business owners can use their small size to their advantage.


magifyingTry getting more specific. Using more explicit keywords can really help a small business. They allow you to compete more effectively, target a specific niche of buyers, and essentially help you maximize your budget as a whole. How about trying “handmade gourmet chocolates?” Not only will this better define your product, but also better define your audience. People who click those paid ads want to make a purchase. Positioning yourself with the right keywords will allow your customers to find you. And believe me, they’re looking.


Pay per click advertising can be a small business’ best friend when used correctly. PPC can help a small business like yours can make an immediate splash in the vast ocean of the internet. You only get charged for each time your ad gets clicked. This means you’re only paying for your advertising when it actually engages someone. It is exciting to know that you only pay for the actual traffic to your site; but this makes it imperative that you choose the right keywords to maximize your ROI. Now that you’ve taken a crash course in pay per click advertising. It is time to make your online presence known. Small businesses can do big things with PPC.