Pay Per Click

ppc-icon-ssWhat Is Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)?

If professionally planned and executed, a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is often one of the quickest routes to increased web traffic. PPC, often referred to as ‘paid search’, is the process of placing ads for your website in the search results for target keywords and phrases relating to your business. It is important to note the difference between ‘paid search’ and ‘organic’ search. Learn more about organic search engine optimization here. With PPC, the advertiser specifies which keywords and phrases they would like to target, and then bids on a maximum cost per click they are willing to pay for the designated term. PPC advertising is like a silent auction where the cost per click depends on several factors, including the demand for the keyword. As more businesses recognize the value of pay per click advertising, more search engines and internet platforms are developing their own systems for marketers to use. Our search marketing specialists are experts at determining the proper platforms for your business, and utilizing them to generate the best possible outcome.

Our Approach

Though PPC advertising presents companies with the unique opportunity to bid for the attention of their target market, it can be extremely expensive and ineffective if not thoroughly researched and planned. Smart Source utilizes several powerful research tools that help us to analyze keywords, your target market’s search patterns, and even your competition! Once a comprehensive list of keywords has been established for a particular campaign, Smart Source Media creates quality ads that are written to promote click-through, qualify leads, increase conversions, and receive top placement at the lowest cost possible. Through detailed monitoring and reporting, we are able to constantly adjust the campaign to increase its effectiveness and generate inbound leads.