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Feb, 2016

Keeping it Fresh: How often are you updating content to your website?

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When’s the last time you updated your website? Many small businesses will build their website, then never touch it again unless it’s for specific reasons-adding a special, or updating the contact information, etc. Maybe it’s because they just don’t think about it with everything else they have going on. Maybe there simply isn’t enough time, or maybe they don’t see the value it has. Big OR small though, your website should have steady content updates to boost your business’ online marketing.


First, let’s discuss what “content” itself actually is. Content isn’t just the copy on your site. It’s anything that acts as a communication tool: images, videos, newsletters, social media and even design are all examples of website content! Does updating sound a lot easier all of a sudden? Here is some more convincing-you can post blogs weekly or connect your Twitter feed so that it updates automatically to your site. Maybe post videos of product demonstrations or photos of “behind the scenes” at work. Do whatever fits your company’s personality best so long as you remember that content = practically anything!


Why update frequently? Having fresh content tells the consumer that you have a personal investment in your services or product. If YOU believe in what you do, it’s easier for them to believe in you. Having continuous, new quality content turns visitors into repeat visitors which is exactly what you’re looking for. How about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Search engines have undergone recent algorithm changes that equate bringing sites with fresher content to the top of the search list. If you want to be on top of the Google search engine, you’ll need to stay current with your website.


If you’re still having some doubts about whether you can keep a stream of content coming, here are some ideas you might consider. Ask your customers what they want to know about and write blogs about their suggested topic; host an informal “talk show” of sorts. Giving your clientele exactly what they want rarely goes into a downward spiral. Created something that was a hit in the past? Use it as inspiration. Make a Part II or drag an idea out of it to use. If you’re still having trouble, with writing at least, you can hire someone to write blog posts for you on a steady basis. You can find writers and social media managers who are reasonably priced, who will tailor everything to your needs, making your life much easier.


Remember, content is king. Keep it coming and keep it fresh! Interested with our services? Contact us. Have an idea you want to share? Leave us a comment below!