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Feb, 2014

How Site Retargeting Changed My Golf Game

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It has been a harsh winter, but we’re finally starting to see some signs of spring. The mere thought of spring weather has me anxiously excited. To me, the seasonal transition means more than sunshine and warmer weather – it means golf season is back.  With the prospect of golf entrenched in my mind, I couldn’t resist but to scour the web to see if there were any interesting golf club deals out there.


I bounced around a dozen ecommerce golf websites in search of used clubs. Admittedly, I was only there for window shopping. My bag is not in need of another club, but the approaching season and expectation of playing again had me itching for anything golf related. A little eye-candy would suppress my hunger for now. After my fantasy fueled adventure throughout the web was over, I finally had my golf fix. I saw some pretty impressive clubs, but nothing I felt the need to purchase then and there. Confident and content with my browsing binge, I went about my business, like any internet goer would. But my shopping experience, unbeknownst to me, had only just begun.



One website in particular, 3balls.com, used site retargeting to “cookie” me once I visited their website. Over the next few weeks, I saw golf related banner advertisements from 3balls seemingly everywhere I’d visit online. It never inconvenienced me; they were never in the way. Nothing more than a subtle, golf related item displayed on the side of some websites I was already viewing. In fact, I liked seeing them. I visited 3balls because I like golf stuff, so I was certainly okay with seeing an occasional golf product advertised while I browsed elsewhere on the web. They weren’t always products I had interest in, but I felt myself developing an insatiable need for a new club.


As a seasoned internet marketer, I knew what was happening here… I knew I’ve been marked for 3balls site retargeting for weeks now, but I was powerless. They knew I wanted a golf club, and I now knew I NEEDED a golf club.  And who was there for me? 3balls. Sure, it may have taken a few weeks, but I was finally ready. I could no longer curb the temptation. After seeing one more ad, I clicked through to their website, found a barely used driver for the perfect price, and proceeded with the checkout process. Today, I eagerly await its arrival so I can take it to the driving range the moment Mother Nature provides me with a window of opportunity.


Why is this a big deal? Site retargeting is a powerful marketing tool. Not only did it keep 3balls.com –a company and website I was previously unfamiliar with– relevant to me, but they consistently reignited my interest in their products until I was ready to commit to a purchase. 3balls made the most out of their marketing dollars. Had it not been for their site retargeting, I would have never made that purchase from them. I may have completely abandoned my manifested desire for a new club, or worse yet, I may have revisited my shopping search elsewhere, having long forgotten about 3balls.com in the process. Of course, the most important thing to me is that this purchase should add a few much-needed yards to my golf drive – but that remains to be seen.


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Written By: Tony Sansone,
Internet Marketing Associate