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Jan, 2013

Social Media Marketing Boosts Site Traffic Over 1000%

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About The Client: A daily blog for “men on the right side of 40”, DM40 publishes daily content aimed at entertaining their audience in the form of several daily columns. Among these topics include a Featured Article, a Daily Dolt, Daily Looker, Daily Retro Pic, and the Daily Quote. With a new & improved website, Daily Man 40 enlisted Smart Source Media to help increase their social media following and drive traffic to their website.  Like most new businesses, DM40’s primiary concern was the lack of new visitors viewing their content each day.


The Problem: DM40 had been in existance for several months before working with Smart Source, but had failed to average more than 2 dozen unique visitors per day. In order for a blog like this to be successful, it must accumulate enough readers on a daily basis to sell advertising space via services like Google Adsense or invidually through managed Banner Ads.


The Objective: Like most new businesses, DM40 had a very limited marketing budget and required immediate results. The objective of the first 4 months of Internet Marketing was simple: increase daily website traffic on a consistent basis.


The Method: After doing preliminary research, we determined the quickest and most cost-effective way to generate significant improvements in readership for DM40 was to focus our efforts on Social Media Marketing (mainly Facebook, Twitter, & Google+). The key would be building up a fanbase, and then leveraging that fanbase by sharing posts that would entice the reader to click through to the website in order to view all of the content.


Results: On Smart Source’s first full day of work, June 4 2013, Daily Man 40 recieved 106 visits. 3 months later, on September 4th, Daily Man 40 recored 1,301 visits – a number that would end up not even being the highest that week. These numbers are not anomolies.Since day 1 with us, DM40 experienced stready increases in both Social Media follwers and website visitors. Here are some of the statistics:




Visits: 383.49% Increase (June-July)


Traffic Sources: 53% of all web traffic comes from Social Media. 24% from organic search (a pleasant side effect of increased social relevance and google+ usage)


Day 1 vs 108 (the date this case study was written):

Visits: 106 on Day 1 vs 1,935 on Day 108 (1725.47% increase)

Facebook Fans: 2 Page ‘Likes’ On Day 1, 12,837 on Day 108

Organic Search: 6 Visits on Day 1, 407 Visits On Day 108

*No additional SEO services were rendered.


At the time this case study was written (9/16/2013), Smart Source’s work with DM40 is still ongoing. Website traffic and social media following is continuing to increase steadily month to month, and Smart Source has high hopes for the future of www.dailyman40.com 


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Written By: Eric Krattenstein, VP Internet Marketing

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