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Mar, 2014

3 Steps & 3 Weeks To Whiteboard Video Success

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The reasons your business needs a whiteboard video are clear, but to many, the process of making one is not. And though they say a magician never reveals his tricks, we’ve decided to pull back the curtains on our whiteboard animation production process. You’ll be quick to learn that the method to our magic makes for an incredibly painless process for a company looking to get involved – no hocus pocus required.

The entire process is completed in 3 simple steps within 3 short weeks. And of course, the best magic tricks can’t be accomplished without a little help from the lovely assistant (that’s you!). We don’t move on to the next step without your final approval of each of the following:


script-development2Step 1 – Concept Development and Copywriting

The script is the most important part of the whiteboard animation video. It needs to be engaging, relatable, and above all – it needs to effectively educate your target market. While you have the option to write the script yourself, most clients opt to fill out our comprehensive questionnaire and have our professional copywriters draft the script for them. Our writing team is adept at transforming your concepts into a creative story that emphasizes the value of your products or services, while maintaining the entertainment factor that whiteboard animation videos are known for.

Additionally, allowing us to handle that creative burden frees your time and lets you to focus on your core competencies. The next time you hear from us, we’ll have your script drafted. This is where you either give us the green light to move onto the next phase, or provide us with some revisions and tweaks to fine tune the script to your liking. You’re entitled to unlimited revisions; feel free to revise, replace, add, and subtract where you see fit.


Step 2 – Storyboarding and Voice Over          

With the script in place, our artists can craft the framework of your video in our storyboarding process. We send you a frame-by-frame illustration outline of your video before we put the animation into production. This pre-animation stage is also your opportunity to select a voice over actor from our collection of talent. You’ll know when you hear the right fit for your video once you browse our samples of over 15 male and female voice actors.


video-production2Step 3 – Illustration and production

Once all of the previous steps have been carefully completed and approved, it is time to bring your video to life. We throw the script, voice, illustrations, and animation into a magic hat, and pull out the high definition video for you for use anywhere you’d like!


Case Study: Leick Furniture

All of our previous video clients are feeling the benefits of whiteboard animation; the most recent of which is Leick Furniture. They needed a creative video that highlighted the advantages of purchasing their high quality wood furniture over flimsy alternatives. Opting to utilize our professional copywriters, Leick filled out our questionnaire, and our team conjured up the magic words the moment we received it back. After 3 simple revisions from Leick, their script was finalized.

Communication with Leick continued as we sent them the frame-by-frame storyboard of the video taking shape. Once the illustrated draft was officially approved, we set the video into the final production phase. With one last wave of the magic wand, and an abracadabra for good measure, their video was complete! In this particular case, the entire project took a little under 1 month, though the majority of our projects take about 2-3 weeks… Ta-da!

Ready to get started on a custom video like this for your company? Get in touch!