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Jan, 2014

3 Simple Reasons Why Your Awesome Product Isn’t Selling Online

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I know your product doesn’t suck; you know your product doesn’t suck…so what gives? Sometimes it isn’t the product’s fault that your internet sales are flat. Instead, it could be your approach (or lack thereof) to selling online, as well as the website itself. Let’s explore 3 reasons why your awesome product isn’t doing so awesome online.


1.Your Website Is playing Hide And Seek –By Itself.

Ready or not, here comes no one! What good is the most awesome product on the internet if no one can find it? Sometimes the only reason your website isn’t converting sales is because it’s lost in the crowd – and last time I checked, the internet is a pretty crowded place. There are over a half a billion websites on the internet, do you expect people to accidentally stumble onto yours? Unfortunately, “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t apply to websites, sorry Costner. If you want qualified traffic on your website, you’ve got to do something to get them there. SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising, for example, can put your website in front of qualified users searching Google to find products like yours. You can also introduce existing contacts to your awesome product through a custom email blast, or announcement via social media (you do use social media, right?).


2.Your Website Is A Pain In The Butt; It Lacks Usability

Usability is arguably the most important aspect of an ecommerce website. Usability refers to the ease in which a user can navigate your website and make a final purchase. Even the most qualified visitors, who are interested in purchasing your awesome product, may leave the site without buying anything if it becomes a hassle to complete the purchase. Puzzling navigation, repeatedly asking for information, and obligating customers to sign up for newsletters can be more than enough to lengthen the conversion process, which can frustrate and even turn off someone trying to give you their money. With every inconvenient click they are forced to make, more users will give up and drop out of the buying process. They came to your website to buy your product, don’t let a complicated ecommerce experience get in the way.


3.Your Website Is A Lousy Salesperson

On the internet, you don’t have the luxury of knowledgeable storefront employees who can effectively explain the benefits and awesomeness of your product to visitors. Instead, that responsibility falls entirely on your website. Any traffic you manage to bring in will be inclined to pass on your product if your website fails to provide adequate information about what that product has to offer. But remember, your site needs to do more than help visitors understand your product; it has to make them want it. Develop clean, concise website copy that can answer some foreseeable questions about your product, highlight why customers need your product, and why it’s so damn awesome. Don’t forget design! The look and feel of your website should accurately represent your brand’s image. You wouldn’t send a sales person out who doesn’t shower and brush his teeth – don’t do it to your website.


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